Barrister Kazi Kamal Ahmed (1924-1987) served as the first Ambassador of Bangladesh in the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany) during 1972-74.

He was educated in Kolkata, Aligarh, Edinburgh (Sotland), Delft (Netherlands) and London's Lincoln's Inn and came away with a degree from each of the academic institutions.

He was a student activist from Presidency College, Kolkata during 1940s in undivided Bengal...

Dhurjati Prasad De, graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta, and has a Master's and Ph.D. degree in Modern History from Calcutta University. Dr. De taught in different degree colleges and has contributed to a number of scholarly journals. Presently, he is the Secretary, Faculty Councils, for Post Graduate Studies in Arts., Commerce, Social Welfare and Business Management at the University of Calcutta.

A graduate of Gothenburg University, Sweden, Dilruba Z. Ara is the author of internationally acclaimed novel A List of Offences. Ara’s stories ‒ published in many international anthologies ‒ are studied at universities across the world. She has translated Selected Stories of Shahed Ali into English and some of Sweden’s Pippi Longstocking stories into Bengali. She lives in Lund, Sweden.